Modules & Integrations

Remote Access

Securely access your enterprise data from anywhere using any mobile device – without a VPN. FileCloud’s highly rated mobile apps (iOS, Android, Windows) provide secure access to your organization’s data from mobile devices.

Full Text Search

(Content Search)

Users can search for text within the content of files. Supports content search on txt, pdf, doc, docx, xls, xlsx, ppt, pptx files.

FileCloud Drive

Automatically makes your remote FileCloud server files available as if they were stored on your local drive. Drive fetches remote files on-demand and doesn’t retain offline copies. Great for highly regulated industries (finance, healthcare) with terminal server infrastructure.

Learn more about FileCloud Drive

Seamless Offline Sync

Effortless File synchronization across computers running Windows, Mac, Linux and even Netgear ReadyNAS devices. FileCloud is one of the few products that enable real-time sync across network folders.

Secure File Sharing

Create a public or a fully private share to files where you can exchange business files with clients easily and securely. You can send large files by email, conduct a secure file transfer or set up a collaboration space for project-related files.

Granular sharing options

Limit the maximum number of downloads for a shared file, automatically expire a share after a certain time, anonymous file uploads, prevent downloads, and integrate file uploads with your website and more.

Manage Shares

Based on share permissions, users can manage shares created by other users. Share Owners can view and manage shares created from their shared folders by other users Share Owners can assign managers to view and manage shares created from their shared folders by other users.

Endpoint backup

Backup and restore across all platforms (Win, Mac, Linux) and devices (Desktops and Smartphones). Automatically backup media files from iOS and Android devices to FileCloud.

File versioning and recyclebin

Automatically saves versions of files as they change, making it easy to get back to a previous versions. Recycle bin support allows deleted files and folders to be recovered by users or admins quickly and effectively.

Integrate with Existing file shares and Identity systems

Easiest way to provides remote access to your existing Windows and Network Folder shares without moving your files or changing business processes.

NTFS Permissions

FileCloud supports reading existing Microsoft NTFS permissions on network folders and applying them to user access. No need to recreate access privileges in FileCloud.

Network Folders and Home Directories

Bring secure remote and VPN-less access to existing network folders. Users can also share and sync files in network folders. FileCloud’s smart mount allows configuring thousands of folders quickly.


Allow your existing Active Directory users to use FileCloud using their AD credentials. FileCloud supports multiple Active Directory servers, Mixed Domain Active Directory (Hosted AD), and Single Sign-On (SSO) using NTLM SSO, SAML and ADFS.

Integration with Office, Outlook

Providing a seamless experience with Microsoft Office productivity applications is one of the core value propositions of FileCloud. FileCloud client apps enable best-in-class integration with Microsoft Office on PCs and mobile.


DocIQ, a real-time collaboration layer, supports automatic file-lock management, collaboration through comments, share management and version visibility for Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents.

Outlook & Office Add-ons & Mobile Apps

Instead of attaching large files in emails, FileCloud’s Outlook add-on automatically uploads large files to FileCloud and creates a link for easy sharing. With our add-ons, you can open and edit remote documents with in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Microsoft Office Mobile apps (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) on iOS and Android can directly open/edit/save files stored in FileCloud server.

Office Online Integration

With ‘FileCloud + Office Online’ integration, you can open, edit and save any remote files right from your browser. Apart from Microsoft’s suite, FileCloud is the only software that enables you to edit on-premise Office documents within a browser from anywhere.Learn more about FileCloud integration with Office

Powerful Admin Tools

FileCloud provides administrators with custom workflows, policies, and settings to control and manage every aspect of the user experience.

Device management

If one of your users lost a mobile device, your administrator can either remotely wipe the FileCloud data off that device or selectively block devices, protecting confidential files.


Activity logs capture the What, When, Who and How attributes of every user action within the system. Your admins can easily filter logs and identify problems.

Analytics & Reports

FileCloud has a built-in ‘business intelligence layer’ that provides insights on your business and your collaborative process, e.g. usage trends, access by geo, storage usage and content mix etc.Learn more about analytics and reports.

Unlimited, Free Client Accounts

Offers ‘free’ limited (web only) user accounts for secure file sharing with external partners and vendors. Delivers huge savings.

Huge Savings (Free)

Compared to competition, FileCloud doesn’t charge for external client accounts. You can create unlimited client user accounts at no cost.

Complete Audit Trail

Compared to password protected shares, the client accounts provide complete audit trail of who accessed what and when.

Simplified File Sharing

Enables vendors and partners to access all their shared files in one place. Avoids proliferation of links and passwords.


FileCloud takes security seriously and provides all the tools and modern encryption methods and industry standards to transfer and store your data securely.

Anti-virus, Ransomware

FileCloud comes integrated with AV scanning so uploaded files are scanned automatically. FileCloud Integrates with any enterprise anti-virus (e.g. Symantec) that supports ICAP. FileCloud offers an industry-first heuristic engine to detect ransomware. Details on ransomware protection


FileCloud offers an industry-first heuristic engine to detect ransomware. FileCloud offers features to help enterprises develop effective strategies to counter ransomware.

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

FileCloud gives an extra layer of security during user login using security codes sent via existing channels.

Unparalleled Branding Options

FileCloud brings your branding front and center. Starting from custom domains, everything can be customized and setup to be exactly the way you want.

Custom domain

Run FileCloud under your own domain. Your users will see your domain and your brand, not our brand.

Terms & Policies

Customize FileCloud’s default term of service and make it your own that conforms to your company standards.

Homepage, logo

Customize FileCloud with your own logos, domain names and provide the exact brand experience and professional look that you want to give to your employees, partners, and customers.

Scalable and Multi-Tenant

Using features such as Multi-Tenant setups, High-availability, automated server backup and rollback, FileCloud can be scaled to large deployments. Managed Service Providers (MSPs) can manage (storage quota, number of users etc) multiple sites using a single multi-tenant dashboard.

API/ Thirdparty Integration

Comprehensive REST based developer API to integrate with control panels, identity management, e-discovery and analytics platforms. Integrates with many thirdparty services such as Okta, Zapier, OneLogin etc.

Branch Office

Each branch office can run its own FileCloud instance and FileCloud’s ServerLink technology synchronizes data across multiple FileCloud instances running in HQ and branch offices across globe.Learn more about branch office – ServerLink.


Enables enterprises to design and manage custom automated processes with simple ‘if this (a condition) then do that (an action)’ statements (similar to IFTTT). Learn more about workflow automation

User consent

FileCloud offers privacy settings to ask for explicit consent from users while accessing, viewing or downloading files from FileCloud.

Breach Notification

FileCloud has detailed policies and breach plans in place for customer data in FileCloud Online.

Pattern Search

Enables DPO’s (Data protection officer) and administrators to search for common data types/ complex patterns using built-in pattern identifiers including e-mail addresses, and phone numbers.

Right To Access/ Data Portability

FileCloud gives users access to any information companies possess relating to them. Files and activity logs can be exported in easily readable CSV files

Content retention policies

Create policies to automate digital content management and meet compliance. FileCloud offers many flexible policy types including legal hold, archival and deleted files retention. Legal hold freezes digital content so that no file modifications are allowed in order to aid discovery or legal challenges. Retention helps retaining files for a specified period of time before the deletion or archival of files.


Almost every company has to comply with government regulations to hold employee records and manage sensitive information. FileCloud offers a single platform to handle enterprises content collaboration and management requirements. FileCloud simplifies data governance by setting policies for automatic document life cycle management, including file retention and archival.