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Tuseday , 10 September 2019

Established in 2015, InfoGuard vision was to be a leader in Encryption solutions. Building the “Plan B” a methodology in which encryption is the future for a more secure world. Developed Tokenization and sensitive data solutions. Gathering vast knowledge and experience in complex environments

MessageNet started its early business life in June 2002 , it was establishes as a start up company for Unified  Messaging. In 4 years , became the leader in Israel for Messaging platforms. During the past years changed the focus into the Information Exchange segment ,signed a valuable agreements with leading software vendors and won several key projects for Secure File Transfer and File Collaboration in the Israeli market .Currently work with 10 top IT and Security Resellers and serve more than a 1000 + End customers 

MessageNet Ltd 2002, A Value Added Distributer for messaging platforms, Secure file transfer and file collaborations services. Announced today { September 10th } on the acquisition of InfoGuard Ltd an information security company in Israel, a solution provider, integrator and consultant services of best of bread worldwide technology vendors. 


MessageNet distribute and market its product and service offerings using strategic alliances such as; IT Integrators, ISV`s and Cyber security companies.  MessageNet represent some of the leading software vendors in the world, among them; OpenText , HelpSystems ,Dialogic , Patton , Codelate .


MessageNet will merge InfoGuard products & services portfolio under the MessageNet brand. The acquisition enable MessageNet to complete its products offering, deepen its grip in the Cybersecurity segment.


InfoGuard 100+ active customers and a team of honorable people is NOW part of the MessageNet community .


** MessageNet is a privately held company ID 513242495.



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